Monday, October 27, 2014

IKEA Alam Sutera : Insanely Crowd

October  2014

IKEA Alam Sutera
IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is finally open its first outlet in Indonesia at Alam Sutera, Serpong Tangerang. I visited IKEA on Sunday, the 5th day of its opening and the crowds were insanely massive. The spacious parking lot that could accommodate more than 1,200 cars still not enough, lots of car parked at Alam Sutera Mall or along the way of Alam Sutera toll road exit /entrance. 
If you park at Alam Sutera Mall, IKEA provide free shuttle bus from there to IKEA. Or if you lucky enough and get parking slot at IKEA, its free parking there.

Please take your own grocery bag from home because they do not provide free plastic bags, following their eco-friendly concept. Although you can still buy their blue or white plastic bag for IDR 9.900,-

first floor - self service furniture
The building is very big and extremely well-designed. First floor consist of market hall, bistro, Swedish food market and self service furniture area. And second floor consist of showroom and the cafeteria. The showroom is amazing, incredible ideas to design your home, they show that you can still create a functional, stylish room in a small area. The cafeteria was super packed, it took me around 30 minutes queuing just to find they run out of their famous meatballs.  

first floor - market hall
second Floor - showroom (Indoor Garden)
The price is relatively the same as similar stores in Jakarta, more expensive than their store in Singapore. There is no opening discount or special promotion :D


Una said...

Huahhhh... pengen ke sanaaa... tapi jauh dari rumah sih ihihi. Penasaran itu meatballnya aja...

Ika Andayanie said...

iya Una kmrn juga kehabisan meatballnya, ga kesampean nyobaiin.
harus kesana lgi tahun depan kali ya udah ga heboh & rame

fee said...

Kalau hari biasa tidak ramai...blogwalking salam kenal

ellalae said...

aku td siang abis dr sana... dtgnya jam 10, eh pas mau nyicip meatball ngantrinya gak kira-kira.. yaudh beli nasi padang aja deh jadinya hehehehe :D

Sitti Rasuna W. said...

Aku udah ke sanaaa hahaha akhirnya... weekday, jadi gak rame-rame amat... mayan enak meatballnya :")

merry go round said...

Selama training di Alam Sutra selalu lewat IKEA, kalo ngeliat bangunannya jadi bring back memory waktu di Oslo :)
Salam kenal ya, aku masukin blognya dalam blogroll ya :D

deric santoso said...

bonekanya lucu sis :3

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