Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eki No Hanko : Happy Stamps Hunting

March 2015

In Japanese Eki no Hanko, which means Eki (station) and Hanko (stamp), train stamps. The stamp will be a picture of some kind of local attraction, or something that the area is known for. Each station has it in a different location, usually they are outside the ticket gates. 
Arashiyama & Kitano-cho stamps

Most train stations and tourist spots have a stamp which is different from one another, yet not every place of interest has an ink stamp. This stamp idea to make fun and good memories at minimal cost. So looking for the stamps has become like a little treasure hunt.
Kansai Airport, Nara Station, Universal City & Osaka Station stamps

I left a stamps memo in the hotel room table on my last day in Osaka, and the next morning woke up in a hurry without remembering to put in the memo back to my bag. Just realized while on the plane on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and instantly felt grumpy.  The next day when unpacking I found that memo that unconsciously I input into the suitcase when in a hurry :D
Kyoto Station stamps

ps : forget where we got those three stamps, anyone can help? ;)

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